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     To make an impact in Sustainability, eight strangers from around the world attempt to set four Guinness World Records on electric vehicles to prove they are reliable and viable for today's society. In 2013, the group took on the seemingly impossible task of crossing the U.S. using four different types of electric vehicles in the middle of a hot summer, with no corporate funding and very limited planning. During their grueling 44 day journey to educate consumers, they encounter numerous obstacles including weather, injuries, organization, finding power sources, communications and more but come away with amazing stories about people, places and sustainability accomplishments. Duane Leffel, driver of the Nissan LEAF during the Ride The Future Tour, takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey across the U.S. with the Tour. Providing a unique perspective, Duane takes you from Charleston, SC to San Francisco using his dry sense of humor and hundreds of supportive photos from the actual trip. Learn how Duane set a Guinness World Record, became interested in sustainability initiatives around the country, and now offers some ideas on why YOU should care about sustainability and how you can make a personal impact too!

*A portion of all profits from sales will be donated to the Make A Wish and Along Comes Hope charities*

Here's a couple other ways to help make a difference in this world. For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the Make A Wish  and the Along Comes Hope foundations!

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