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“Kicking Gas and Taking Charge!” 


“On the Road meets National Lampoon’s Vacation, as my friend Duane recounts his journey across the U.S.”

Paul M., Brentwood, Tn


4  out  of  5  Stars !!

I would recommend this book on a number of levels. As a travelogue, it is great. There are tons of pictures of the places and people encountered. As a source for where to eat in the US, it was informative. I would have loved to see a complete list (with star ratings?) of all the holes in the walls they stopped for lunches, etc. Those are always the best places. Maybe that could be included on the author’s website.
The author, Duane Leffel, is a good storyteller. As an essay on human nature, the book is revealing. Mr. Leffel is even handed in telling about all the people they encounter during the trip. He readily will give praise to those folks who made a positive impact on him and the others on the trip. He also tells you those folks who went out of their way to make big and small troubles. And while he does not name those folks, it would very easy to track them down in the various towns. I was happy to see my home state of SC and especially Anderson get positive words from him.
When you throw eight strangers together you run the risk of personality conflicts. Again, Mr. Leffel does not shy away from telling some of those problems including those of his making.
As a book on sustainability, it was eye opening. The last chapter was basically a text of why we should care and how we should achieve sustainability on a day-to-day basis. There were many facts and figures and while they were educational, it was the whole of the book focus on sustainability that was more educational. Facts and figures are good to know, but traveling along trying to find charging stations, getting to know what’s important to someone who rides an electric scooter as opposed to an electric car, and reading about how so many diverse groups across the US can be passionate about the same thing in different ways was the heart of this good book.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Betty S., NetGalley Book Review


"We all need to be more engaged in sustainability. This book is a fun read that also serves as a wake-up call and personal call-to-action" 

Tammy Kling

"Words Are Currency"

CEO, OnFire Books Leadership Company


"Very interesting story! It definitely changed my thinking about the viability of electric cars.  I also enjoyed all the color photo; I found myself reminiscing about when I took in the same sights along Route 66 years ago. "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Doug Miller,   Franklin, Tn   

I was very much engrossed in and delighted by your travelogue!  You have a knack for dialogue, description, narrative that moves right along, humor (very much!), characterization of the members of your Tour group, and, of course, a deep commitment to electric vehicles. 

The sign, “2 Tacos for 2 Tacos,” was hilarious! 

I was telling a friend of mine today that a ninety-mile trip via the LEAF would cost maybe 15 cents, while a gasoline subcompact car would cost maybe $6.00 or $7.00 for a the same-length trip! If one could afford the $35,000 for the recently unveiled Tesla, the car would eventually pay for itself with so little costs for electric charges—maybe 50 cents for the 220-mile limit—almost the whole distance from Raleigh, NC, to Washington, DC.  

Your Ride the Future Tour will go down in history as the Wave of the Future Tour. (Volvo has already planned to go all electric by 2025 or so.)

Keep up the great work! 

All the best,

Lee Titus Elliott
Elliott Editorial Online

"A great story to introduce kids and young adults to sustainability topics and foster ideas for change"


Ben Rich

Science Teacher & Sustainability Coordinator

Montclair Kimberley Academy, Monclair, NJ

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