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Driving into Cumberland Caverns

Driving into Cumberland Caverns

Filming the Golden Gate Bridge

Filming the Golden Gate Bridge

Ben Hopkins & I enjoy the view near San Jose, Ca.

Ben Hopkins & I enjoy the view near San Jose, Ca.

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One of the unusual ways I charged the LEAF

One of the unusual ways I charged the LEAF

Regrouping after crossing a small river.

Regrouping after crossing a small river.

My Nissan LEAF, aka “Green Lightning”

My Nissan LEAF, aka “Green Lightning”

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To stimulate Student learning and involvement, I am giving away FREE books to high school and college student classes or groups !

Teachers, can use the book as outside reading to stimulate conversations about topics such as global warming, recycling, electric cars, carbon emissions, energy, composting, etc.

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Velocity of Books distributes books to low-income families on the East Coast

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Kathy Barth accepts books for Youngstown, Oh area schools

Sustainability News & Why YOU Should Care

I'll list some recent news in this section. These will be some timely evens going on right now so be sure to check here regularly to stay up to date. Older posts will be moved to the Sustainability News page, so check there to see anything you may have missed. For more detailed discussions of current events and such, be sure to check out my Blog page where you can also get involved with the discussions.


That’s Impossible!  NO MEAT in the New Burger King Whopper ??

Why would Burger king even think about offering a vegetarian replacement for their iconic whopper sandwich? the answer might surprise you….It’s “rant for the plant’ time.


What is the Green new deal? is it a proposal to end democracy? or is it simple propaganda? Find out what’s going on Here


          Norway's sovereign wealth fund recently announced stricter sustainability

          action guidelines for stocks it invests in. Will this make a difference in global

          corporate sustainability Planning? Well, maybe it will.....


       Another element of recycling is organic decomposition, or composting. Many

       homeowners now have composting bins to recycle food waste, grass clippings,  

       tree leaves and twigs. Now there is a new frontier....recycling your own waste!


       Do you use a straw when you dine out? Do you need to? Read this article on why

       restaurants are re-considering handing out straws and why consumers are no

       longer 'reaching for straws'...



       Global weather patterns are changing--dramatically. So what can we do? Continue

       to drill for more oil and gas or get involved in sustainability activities? Only the

       latter is forward-looking.


      China's recent legislation to restrict trash from the U.S. and other countries is

      forcing the U.S. to re-evaluate how it approaches Recycling. Is it a good thing? We

      think so....for education, for program success and ultimately for our economy.


      A new concept called a Community Solar Group (CSG) allows apartment renters and

     homeowners that cannot install solar panels to contribute to environmental

     improvements through sharing of 3rd party panel locations and utility credits.


       We take cement and concrete for granted in our lives despite the fact that it is all

       around us. However, cement-making has a direct link to the paris' Agreement global

       Climate targets for carbon emissions. Finally, there is movement for change in this

       200 year old industry.


       America is solving its plastics problem through recycling, right? Well, not really.

       For many locations we've been simply exporting our problem off to china. But now

      the Chinese have woke up to the big environmental problem they have and have cut

      us off. Now what do we do?


     Baltimore has a solution to its water pollution problem in the inner harbor and we

    Can all learn from it. Let's get the 'bug' to clean up our waterways with renewable



  A French architect is setting out to be the first person to swim across the

  Pacific Ocean. Along the way, he plans to swim through what's called the          

  Great Pacific Garbage Patch.. a humungous collection of trash consisting

  mainly of plastic materials sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This

  embarrassment contains over 80,000 tons of plastic and the size of this water-

  based dump is TWICE the size of France!!


   While the current Administration has touted its big tax cuts, is that ultimately the

   best approach to stimulating the u.S. economy? Or are we getting 'jumped' by other

   countries like china that are focused on newer technologies?


    a recent McKinsey study states that, despite the paris climate agreement and

    renewable energy initiatives, it's unlikely the world can achieve the 2 degree

    Centrigrade target it set. But is there a last-minute high tech fallback option?


       While the U.S. pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, oil companies have been

       ramping up to pump more oil and gas. in fact, the number of pump jacks is up 38%

       year over year. More alarming, however, is the Energy Dept. carbon emissions

       forecast for 2050 which will more than offset the entire Climate accord efforts!


       Does it make sense that our schools are teaching students about renewable energy

       while the White house is removing emission laws for the coal and oil industry,

       expanding off-shore oil and uranium permits, and increasing solar panel tariffs?    


        In a revolutionary step to address global warming & environmental damage head

        on, New York City has filed suit against major oil companies and is re-aligning all

        city worker pension plans to exclude fossil fuel company stocks. Do you agree?


         Changes in Administration policy regarding emissions may make it less expensive

         for mining companies to do business. But will it bring back jobs? and will the

         world's largest user of coal continue to increase coal production? 


        The textile industry has historically been a major contributor to pollutants.

        However, one entrepreneur's approach to localize business within a 150 mile radius

        reduces carbon emissions related to export/import and keeps jobs in the U.S. So

        before you put that new Christmas shirt away....


       The city of shenzen china is going to convert its entire fleet of 16,000 buses

       to  electric. (think LA, NY, NJ, Chicago & Toronto combined!)

       As China makes strides in electric technology, will the u.S. fall behind?


       President Trump doesn't believe in global warming; scientists say: 'it's getting

       worse. Who's right? Well here's more evidence from the scientist's perspective.


      We got most of our electricity in the U.S. by burning coal. Should we remove

      restrictions on the coal industry emissions or explore alternatives?


     Electric vehicle sales are taking off in the U.S. and Europe. Take a trip down memory





     Why is Denmark, of all countries, a global Leader in Wind technology??

     The blowing in the wind...Read my blog to find out why


       Have you converted yet?  Do you want to save money?  If so, you should read my 

       blog article called And the Light Bulb Goes On


         Here's an article I wrote for a local chapter of the Sierra Club that I thought you might enjoy. Fun with electric!


  • Landfill Lunacy. If you want to know a little about a pet peeve as a result of my research into sustainability, here's a classic example. Get a quick overview in my Blog article called Recycle Regret?

  • BIG news in the automotive world!! GM announces plans to shift to an all-electric line-up. Check out the details. This will effect everyone in the near future.....

  • THIS article is about how China is making a big push towards electric vehicles by planning to ban the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles... entirely. As the worlds largest auto market, this will have a massive impact on the industry.

  • A nice article I'm mentioned in by Dave Flessner of the Chattanooga Free Press at the Drive Electric Week event...