Recycle Regret?

Here is an example that goes to the heart of my website and one of the major topics in my book Kicking Gas & Taking Charge!  I can't explain it any better than this article does.

Why does it happen?  Here's my belief:

         * Lack of U.S. and community focus

                > Cities don't make recycling a priority or make it convenient

                > People don't take recycling seriously and make it a habit

                     (remember: Sustainable is maintainable if the habits are retainable)

                 > There's still plenty of visible land available to bury our waste

                     (irrespective of the future environmental damage or cleanup required)

That's it. Focus. Are there other factors?  Yes, setting up a recycle process, costs, etc. But the only one that really matters is Focus by the public.

The world population is growing at an unbelievable rate. Energy use is growing at an ALARMING rate. Yet we only recycle 30% of our waste here in the U.S. 

We can do better America. And it's time we do.