Is Trump right....or are scientists right?

President Trump and his team continue to disembowel elements of the EPA and other ecologically-based organization policies. His belief is that global warming is a cyclical natural phenomena. However, evidence continues to be served up by scientists that global warming is real and IS due, in part, to human interaction. 

A recent article in Scientific American outlines a recent study where scientists now say they have clear evidence that at least SOME of the natural disasters seen in 2016 were due, in part, to human interaction--meaning the event would not have happened or would have been less severe if humans had not somehow impacted the natural environment we live in. Further, they state that the number of major catastrophes (i.e. > $1B damage) is up dramatically in recent years and that they expect this trend to continue. They cite the Houston floods of 2017 as an example of a natural disaster that was exacerbated by global warming and which would not have been as severe in previous eras:

Meanwhile, the Trump team is making wholesale policy changes. Here's a list of environmental policies that have been or will be changed in the near future according to The Sierra Club:

Sierra Club List photo.png

So who do you think is right?  Mr. Trump or the scientists? Your answer and subsequent vote may determine our quality of life on the planet Earth in a few short years.......

Houston floods.jpg