Should Electric Vehicles Be Powered By Coal?

One of the arguments that critics of electric vehicles always raise is that most electricity in the U.S. is generated by burning coal..... which is a very high air pollutant and threat to our ozone layer. Let's discuss this head on.

In my book, I provide one argument that critics can't get around...that is that electric vehicles are far superior in efficiency to gas powered vehicles. This point alone is a reason to accelerate electric vehicle usage; i.e. at minimum we slow the use of needed energy to power our world.

The second point is that instead of trying to re-invigorate an industry that's not going to come back, we should be investing in technologies that accelerate us to the front of the energy usage for the future. Here's a good example. There are many potential ways to generate electricity as shown in this video from the Facebook SciencNaturePage by Hashem Al-Ghaili. Watch the video and you tell me whether this is the type of investment the U.S. government should be exploring instead of resurrecting the mining industry for electricity?

For me... we should move toward future opportunities instead of holding on to past success.