Scientists Sound Urgent Alarm On the Environment--But Will We Listen?

According to the State of New York, Exxon and big oil knew the damage that CO2 emissions from oil and gas burning was having on the atmosphere back in the 1970’s; in fact the State just filed suit against Exxon for an alleged lack of disclosure of the potential financial impact to investors. Exxon denies a cover up.

Over the last 5 decades scientists have been warning anyone that would listen that the environment’s ozone layer was being depleted by CO2 emissions BUT if actions were taken to reduce reliance on fossil fuels for energy the world could prevent a disastrous global warming impact. That just changed.

In a landmark scientific report issues by the United Nations this month, scientists warn that a large amount of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere may need to be removed to avoid further global warming impacts. And right now, the technology to undertake such a challenge, doesn’t exist.

So, the clock is ticking….. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Nations have avoided taking action for so long that an unprecedented shift to renewable energies like solar, wind and water may not be enough to avoid damage to our ecosystem on the Earth’s surface. While a panel of the America’s leading scientists from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine urged the federal government to begin exploring technologies that could remove vast quantities of carbon emissions from the atmosphere to slow climate change, the Trump Administration is expanding oil drilling rights in dramatic fashion.

Scientists have changed their message; it’s a louder warning. But are we listening?

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