In my book, "Kicking Gas & Taking Charge!", I talk about the reasons that everyone should care about Sustainability. It's a word many people have heard...but just ask them to explain it and watch the stammering begin....

Why is it important? Well, if we take oil for example, I make the case in the book that with the significant global population growth and associated energy usage growth, the world could literally run out of oil within the younger generation's lifetime. A stretch? Maybe...but no one really knows. What I know is that oil takes millions of years to form and we're using it like drunken sailors on the Titanic...

But here is my point: we have ways to avoid a major energy catastrophe--be it by spreading our type of energy use through electric products (cars, lawn equipment, etc), renewable energies (wind, water, solar, etc) or simply getting on the bandwagon for recycling. Recycling is a HUGE opportunity...but perhaps more should be a REQUIREMENT and HABIT for us all. Why is it so important? I'll give you a couple good reasons.

First, our landfills are fast filling up. I've posted previous articles on this problem. Part of the issue is that it's being filled up with plastic and glass which take decades and even hundreds of years to biodegrade. We can't just keep stacking it up underground....But sadly, it isn't just underground; it's also in our waters--which is what this post is about.

A French architect is setting out to be the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean.....a huge undertaking. But if anyone can do it, Benoit Lecomte can...after all, he's already swam across the Atlantic Ocean. And along the way, he plans to swim through what's called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.. a humungous collection of trash consisting mainly of plastic materials sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For reference, the below article notes that this embarrassment contains over 80,000 tons of plastic and the size of this water-based dump is TWICE the size of France!! Benoit plans to swim right through it, collecting data for some 27 environmental agencies, including NASA, along the way.

I encourage you to read this enlightening article...and decide for yourself: DO WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO LEAVE OUR WASTE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO CLEAN UP?

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