NYC Takes On Big Oil Companies

In a direct contradiction to recent legislation by the Trump administration which permits oil companies to apply for drilling for oil and gas along all of the coastal areas of the U.S., the city of New York today took the unprecedented step of challenging major oil companies in two major ways:

1- filing suit against these oil companies for reportedly hiding data that showed burning of fossil fuels was having a negative impact on the environment, and

2- removing fossil fuel company stocks from all public worker pension plans which involves hundreds of thousands of workers. 

Wow. Talk about raising the stakes in the environmental battle! 

What does all this mean--aside from a lot of citizen tax dollars being spent to fight another legal battle? Well, clearly more lines will divide the country between those that believe the Earth is being damaged by fossil fuel burning and those that think it's a hoax. What's different with this action is that there is BIG money behind NYC's action aside from the lawsuit.

Watch the video of New York's press event. Now, where do you stand on this issue? How much do you know about sustainability? You can find out more at

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