Renewables in the classroom, Non-renewables in the White House?

I recently spoke to a 5th grade class about my Guinness Record-setting trip across the U.S. in 2013. They were very interested in the challenges associated with finding electricity along the route and how many times I had to re-charge the car battery. It was a fun interaction.

What I found intriguing was that their science class includes discussions about the differences between renewable energies and non-renewable energies. And it became clear during our Skype call that the kids understood that renewable energies were important because they didn't pollute the air, land or sea and are an alternative to the limited natural resources of oil/gas/coal. 

So my question is.... if these 5th graders see value in expanding renewable energies, why doesn't the Trump Administration?? With global population projected to increase by 6 BILLION people over the next 50 years and energy use EXPLODING, isn't it a natural conclusion that it's possible we could run out of those natural resources of oil/gas/coal?  If so, why are we undermining renewable energy initiatives? In the U.S.... wind and solar represent <5% of our total power generated. In Europe, some countries are projecting 25-35% of their power needs coming from wind and solar.... Are they that far ahead of the U.S.??

We are making strides in this article points out. But it sure appears that it is not due to our current President.....So should we continue to teach about renewable energy in schools?  Or does the President have his own agenda??

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