All 'Jacked Up' to Undermine the World !

The world, via the Paris climate agreement,  is trying to eliminate Carbon emissions in the second half of this century. This is an aggressive plan agreed to by hundreds of scientists around the globe who believe global warming is real and must be dealt with immediately if we are to have any chance at maintaining an environment on the Earth's surface as we've known if for thousands of years. 

Yet, the United States, on its current path, will be slightly HIGHER in emissions by 2050 according to a new projection by the Energy Department.  And thus the U.S. will almost single-handedly exhaust the whole world's carbon budget by mid-century

Think there's no way this will happen?? Well, the oil companies seem poised to follow the Energy Department's projection. In fact, the number of oil and gas pump jacks is up 38% over last year's count!  In fact, by 2022, the U.S. will be a net exporter of oil and gas to other countries, meaning no decrease in methane or carbon emissions despite increases in solar and wind power sources.  

How will the world see the U.S. if global warming is in fact real? Will they allow us to undercut their efforts to avoid environmental catastrophe?  Will we be looked at as the greedy Romans of our time? It's possible...

All efforts for sustainability are moot if Big Oil continues to 'Jack Up' its profits..

Oil pump jacks.jpg